This exhibition, “The Wealth of Kings: Masterpiece Persian Carpets” focuses attention on a number of early carpets made during the golden age of Persian Carpet production, circa 1450-1650. Scanning through these photographs one cannot help but marvel at the beautiful designs, splendid colors and be impressed by the great artistic and technical achievement these weavings represent.

Though many of them have suffered the ravages of time, particularly from use as ordinary floor carpets, they still convey the magnificent opulence that characterized the lifestyles of the kings and khans they once served. Many are now fragmentary, having been cut down to remove worn or damaged areas, or to reduce their great proportions into more manageable sizes. Others are even smaller pieces saved from carpet dealer scrap heaps by knowledgeable and observant repairers and collectors.

Examples like these almost never come onto the market. They are truly rare avis and the only place to find them in the collections of some of the world’s greatest art museums.

While there is no shortage of books and articles dealing with these carpets we hope this presentation will enable our readers to begin to understand them from both the historic and cultural framework they evolved in, as well as how they relate to each other individually and as groups.

The author and curator of this exhibition, John Taylor, was born in London in 1950 and has been involved with carpets since 1973. He currently resides in Germany.

Jack Cassin
Weaving Art Museum