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Plate Nine is also in the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna , having been acquired by the museum in 1957.
It was never in the Hapsburg State Collection but originally belonged, with its pair, to the London dealer E. Beghian. Both carpets are said to have come from a Mosque in the Turkish Balkans.
The second carpet of this pair passed to the American collector Frank Michaelian and was auctioned in New York at the John Edelman Gallery in 1982 for $286,000.
Subsequently in the possession of the Munich carpet dealer Eberhart Herrmann, it was published in his sale catalog of 1992. For more information about this carpet see his discussion there (Herrmann, Asiatische Teppiche und Textilkunst, Band 4,with special reference to footnote 8a) and the ongoing researches of Christina Klose in Hali magazine number 64, p.96.