Carpets from Turkmenistan


It is with great pleasure the Weaving Art Museum presents our newest exhibition:
"Carpets from Turkmenistan".

The author, Siawosch Azadi from Hamburg, Germany, has been studying the Turkmen people and collecting historic examples of their weaving arts for almost 50 years.

During this time he has authored numerous books and articles, and in this unpublished work Herr Azadi continues to examine the history of the Turkmen to establish new ideas concerning the difficult subject of attribution and provenance for their historic weavings.

The Weaving Art Museum is sure this exhibition will interest both readers who are unfamiliar with the many varieties of Turkmen woven products; the various weaving styles, patterns and iconographies they display as well as those who, like Azadi and myself, have long been fascinated by these mysterious, yet highly approachable, art-works.

Jack Cassin
Founder and Director
Weaving Art Museum

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