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Technical Analysis
Cairo Inv No IM 14482
Size: 18 inch x 9 inch
Warp: Wool, S2Z, 14 per inch
Weft: Wool, 72 per inch
Structure: Slit-tapestry with small
areas of vertical dove-tailing

Plate Four

Luckily the blue and red striped elem or end panel decoration, which has remained attached to this fragment, facilitates determining that here the now familar box with four attached radial arms surely formed part of a border design. However, the apparent presence of repeating roundels has once again confounded any sure knowledge of what this tapestry looked like.  And it has also added an interesting problem of design interpretation - was the field composed of only similar large roundels possibly arranged in horizontally staggered rows or did they form some type of added eccentric secondary border layout? It should also be added that these simple globes as well as the style of drawing the pairs of highly abstract animals or birds, within the area defined by each pair of radial arms, should both be considered as Coptic in origin.