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Technical Analysis
Cairo Inv No IM 13787
Size: 7 inch x 18.5 inch
Warp: Wool, S2Z 12 per inch
Weft: Wool, 28 per inch
Structure: Slit-tapestry with
areas of vertical dove-tailing





Plate Three

A curious red symbol within the uppermost white border, the two opposed abstract birds on a blue field on the one below as well as the secondary elements present in the lower two-thirds of this are far more characteristic of Anatolian iconography than Egyptian. However the typical Coptic style of portraiture of the woven bust in the central box and the S2Z warp spin and ply point more likely to an Egyptian origin for this fragment. 

Interestingly enough, the two opposing birds have definite stylistic links to those seen on the birds on the Exhibition Logo, making it likely that these are later ‘copies’ of that earlier version.