cult  kelim plate 5
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Again a central box with large extended radial arms are all that remain of this weaving.  However, an important design difference separates it from the previous two fragments and at the same time raises a fundamental question: For what purpose were these tapestries created?

Though no definitive answer can be determined from the minute quantity of information presently available, one distinct possibility does exist even though all the fragments illustrated here, except Plate One, have no precise provenance. Unfortunately, “…recovered from a grave at Fostat…” is all that remains in the museum records and while this is hopelessly inadequate, it does reveal their ultimate use as burial accoutrements. This in itself is salient and suggests a higher purpose for these weavings.  Were they death kelims?

cult kelim plate 1


cult kelim plate 2


cult kelim plate 3


cult kelim plate 4


cult kelim plate 5


cult kelim plate 6


cult kelim plate 7


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cult kelim plate 9



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